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Set of 5 x 1960s Kodak Eastman, 16 mm News Camera Film Canisters

Television and documentary production has come a long way since the 60s with todays TV cameras now based on the same technology as our smart phones and digital cameras.

Back in the 60s most news broadcast and documentaries were shot with 16 mm film cameras using light sensitive celluloid film.

Today's camera crews, with their flash drive storage and instant playback, can shoot endless sequences safe in the knowledge that they would have more than enough footage to digitally edit together back in the studio.

Back in the 60’s a standard 400ft canister of 16 mm film could only capture 11 minutes of footage before it had to be removed from the camera and a new reel installed.

Film crews had to plan ahead very carefully and basically had already worked out what sequences they needed to shoot to be able to edit into a story whereas digital crews often just capture a much as possible to give them as many options back in the editing suite.

Film cameras also weighed considerably more than todays digital news cameras. Even the reputedly, light-weight Eclair NPR weighed in at over 20kgs with batteries, spare film, a separately operated sound recorder and lenses only adding to the bulk.

Today’s news cameras barely weigh more than 2.5kgs and do not require any separate sound equipment.

These set of 5 x Kodak Eastman 16 mm Television News Film Canisters are a blast from our reporting past and would look great on a shelf or even as a sweet tin on a table top. - Let your imagination run free! 

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