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Air Ministry AM & Crown stamped, Avro Lancaster Bomb Fuzing Unit

Most ordinance carried by heavy bombers such as the British Vicker Wellington and Avro Lancaster featured both nose and tail fuzing devices - an impact fuse at the nose and a free wheeling propeller time delay fuse on the tail.

All were secured with arming pins attached to fuzing wire running back up through the bomb bay to a series of grouped spools. The spools were controlled by the Fuzing Unit on the bomb aimer’s control panel which activated a solenoid switch which would lock or release the spool drums.

When set to ‘FUZED’, the unit locked the wire spools via the solenoid and as the bombs fell away from the aircraft, the arming pins were pulled free and armed the bombs.

When set to ‘SAFE’ the wire would be pulled off the free running spools and both it and the arming pin would fall free with the bomb - rendering it safe.

The ability to jettison a bomb load safely should an engine fail on takeoff or the aircraft experience difficulties over friendly territory was essential to ensure the safety of the aircraft and those below.

This Avro Lancaster Instrument comes complete with detailed Scale Model, Mango Wood Stand & Plaque plus Printed Fact Sheet featuring photo of instrument in the aircraft cockpit.

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Your Avro Lancaster Bomb Fuzing Switch, Original Recovery Curios Warbird Collectable includes:

  • Highly detailed hand-built and airbrushed 1/72 plastic scale model of the aircraft.
  • Original Warbird instrument
  • Hand-crafted and beautifully finished 100yr, Far North Queensland Mango Wood display stand
  • Detailed, 2-sided, printed and laminated Instrument Fact Sheet detailing aircraft and instrument
  • Removable Magnetic Display Arm

The heavily detailed scale model is available with wheels & flaps up or down and bomb bays open or closed. Upon order placement you will receive an email asking for your preferred configuration.

Your complete Recovery Curios Original Instrument Collectable is securely packed and delivery normally takes between 3 - 4 weeks approx.

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