Always something new in store...

We are constantly discovering some of the most unusual and quirky bits and bobs in some of the most unlikely of places. Often that's just the beginning of an intriguing journey as we seek to uncover their history and meaning.

Often we may only carry one item due to its rarity but if you discover an item is out of stock, drop us a line as we can usually quickly order another in for you. 

We are not antique or collectable experts by any stretch of the imagination but we are extremely motivated by our insatiable curiosity, quirky humour and weird sense of adventure. 

There's always something around the next corner.As a consequence we often rely on the great work done and shared by others concerning many of the things we find. We don't always get it 100% correct so please bear with us and if you perchance find yourself with another piece of the jigsaw puzzle - we'd be delighted to both hear and learn from you.

So feel free to ask away or tell us about your discoveries - we look forward to a great chinwag. 

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