Red Baron Triplane - hand-crafted tin/metal retro-style - 16cm wingspan


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Individually hand-crafted and painted, this legendary Red Baron Triplane is magnificent collector's piece of retro-style 'all-metal' aviation art with its hand-beaten triple wings and detailing

What better gift than this highly detailed, individual hand made, hand painted retro style, all-metal 21cm wingspan model of the famous Red Baron's WWI Triplane.  

Displayed on a table, shelf, desk or suspended from the ceiling - the Red Baron Triplane is a definite attention grabber with its retro, industrial design and detailed finishing. 

The personal aircraft of legendary German flying ace, Manfred von Richthofen, the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane, painted in its famous and distinctive red livery dominated the skies over the Western Front as part of Richthofen’s legendary squadron known as the Flying Circus.  

Boasting some of the most successful German pilots of the First World War, many of whom Richthofen had trained himself, the squadron out flew and out gunned often far superior numbers in the skies high above the trenches of Europe and were more than a match for many of the more advanced Allied fighters being developed. during that time.

Richthofen flew the celebrated Fokker Dr.I triplane from late July 1917, claiming another 19 kills  to add to his already impressive 71 air victories in previous aircraft before switching to the distinctive red three-winged fighter. His natural skills as a fearless and strategic German pilot and squadron commander saw his Flying Circus severely restrict Allied air operations before he was mortally wounded pursuing a British Sopwith Camel at very low altitude, piloted by novice Canadian pilot Lieutenant Wilfrid May of No. 209 Squadron, Royal Air Force.

May had just fired upon the Red Baron's cousin Lt. Wolfram von Richthofen and upon seeing his cousin being attacked, Richthofen banked and fired on May, causing him to pull away and saving Wolfram's life.

Richthofen then pursued May across the Somme and was later spotted and briefly attacked by a Camel piloted by May's school friend and flight commander, Canadian Captain Arthur Brown. Brown had to dive so steeply at very high speed to intervene, he barely avoided hitting the ground before he was able to pull up in time. Richthofen turned to avoid this attack, and then resumed his pursuit of May.

It was during this final stage in his pursuit that a single .303 bullet hit Richthofen, mortally wounding him. In the last seconds of his life, he managed to retain sufficient control to make a rough landing in a field on a hill near the Bray-Corbie road,  in a sector controlled by the Australian Imperial Force.

On 22 April 1918, No. 3 Squadron AFC officers became pallbearers and other ranks from the squadron acted as a guard of honour for the funeral of Germany’s greatest flying ace who was buried with full military honours in the cemetery at the village of Bertangles, near Amiens.


Hand-crafted and hand painted, all tin/metal, classic aviation collectable

Length: 20cm
Height: 10cm
Wing span: 21cm
Weight: .2kg

* Please note that because each model is uniquely hand made some variation in sizes might occur