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The C3540 VHF Sonar Buoy Signal Controller or On Top Position Indicator (OTPI) controlled the SeaKing's sonar buoy receiver allowing for channel switching between each deployed sonar buoys.

Installed in the SH-3H SeaKing helicopter as well as the P3 Orion, the On Top Position Indicator (OTPI) was a VHF receiver system capable of providing relative bearing information from the aircraft to any of the 31 different channels of sonobuoys launched across the suspected path of a submerged submarine. It was used in conjunction with direction finding equipment with the system consisting of: 

UHF antenna - This was common to both the UHF/DF and the OTPI systems of the aircraft and located behind a protective cover aft of the electronics compartment on the bottom of the fuselage.

AM-3969 amplifier - The radio frequency amplifier was designed to amplify the received signals and pass them to the receiver for processing. It was located on the upper shelf of the electronics compartment.

R-1047A/A receiver - The receiver enabled the selection of any sonobuoy channel and used received signal strength to tune the ARA-25 antenna to its maximum signal position. It was located on the upper shelf of the electronics compartment. and had a frequency range 162 to 174 MHz  FM.

C3540 Control Unit - Controling the receiver it enabled channel selection between each sonar buoy.

Indicators - OTPI bearing information was displayed on the number one needle of the pilot, co-pilot and TACCO's BDHI (Bearing Distance Horizontal Indicator)

The controls on the C3540 consisted of the following:

Press for Control Button -  (This was not used in the SeaKing aircraft)
Channel Knob - The rotary dual-range switch enabled the selection of the desired sonobuoy channels. 
OFF/1-16/17-3 -  In addition to being a power switch, this control selected either the low or high range of sonobuoy channels. 
Signal Intensity Lamp - (Disabled in the SeaKing aircraft).

Operating procedures for the OTPI were as follows:

  1. Pilot selects either T/R and G or T/R on the UHF radio remote control panel; 
  2. Set OFF/1-16/17-31 switch to desired range. 
  3. Set channel knob to desired channel. 
  4. Select UHF/TAC on BDHI selector panel; and 
  5. Number one pointer will indicate the bearing to the sonobuoy.

Here is an extremely informative youtube video of the launch and activation of one of the SSQ-801E BARRA Sonobuoy deployment which are an updated version to those carried by the SeaKing and later SeaHawk helicopters:

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