Vintage 1930's Abdulla Imperial Preference, Hinged Tobacco Tin


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Vintage 1930's hinged Abdulla Imperial tobacco tin with curved back

Founded in 1902 Abdulla & Co were extremely successful tobacco merchants and manufactures made famous by their well known Egyptian, Virginian and Turkish blends of tobacco. Keen to promote their brand as both prestigious and sop[sophisticated, they moved their headquarters in 1917 to 173 New Bond Street in Mayfair - the former home of the famous Faberge’ Jewellers. 

The ‘Imperial Preference’ slogan on their tobacco blends was designed to promote their upmarket and exclusive image and referred to the push by a number of British industrialists to introduce a system of reciprocal trade agreements between the colonies of the British Empire and her dominions. 

Argued as an ideal way to promote stronger unity across the British Empire and strengthen her ranking as a global power, it was really about trade protectionism against the perceived threat of increased competition from Germany and the United States.

In the end more forward thinking politicians voted the proposal down but the term ‘Imperial Preference’ went on to suggest special privileges and status.

Trade tariffs and protectionism aside, this vintage hinged tobacco tin would be a neat tabletop nicknack holder or lend a touch of vintage nostalgia to a corner bookshelf.


145mm wide x 110mm deep x 25mm high