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Vintage brass & iron Geologist stackable particle sieves reimagined.

I love being able to reimagine new uses for old artefacts and this set of three, Geologists Particle Sieves are great case in point.

Originally used out in the field for particle size analysis where an accurate grading of particles sizes per volume is required, each of the three bowls fdeature a different size partical mesh in its base.

Now I think I'd be a little too optimistic to think I could use these sieves to determine the volume of gold particles along our back fence here in Cairns but after having them scrubbed and sterilised, I do believe that would look absolutely fantastic in a kitchen setting as a stackable fruit bowl or what ever else you'd like to fill them with.

Perhaps you might come up with a host of other creative ideas but however they are used, you gotta admit they look pretty specki on a kitchen bench.

Oh yes!... They even come with a little wood-handled, tin shovel!

Size: 32cm Dia x 30cm High

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