Includes Small vintage drill brace, Vintage Rega Bug Sprayer Tool (natural wooden handle) , Large Vintage Drill Brace, Vintage Wrench, Vintage Timber Spirit Level.
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  • Small vintage drill brace

  • Vintage Rega Bug Sprayer Tool (natural wooden handle)

    Vintage Rega Bug Sprayer Tool original condition with plain wooden...

  • Large Vintage Drill Brace

  • Vintage Wrench

    Industrual heavy duty well worn wrench

  • Vintage Timber Spirit Level

    Well used and much loved vintage wooden spirit level

  • Vintage Wooden Spoke Shave

    Vintage wooden spoke shave

  • Vintage Wooden Edging Planer

    Vintage wooden edge planer

  • Girder Major 93 WWII Wrench

    Rare 1943, British Military adjustable wrench/spanner

  • Vintage Mathieson Moulding Plane

  • Vintage Carpenters Wooden Scribe Marking Gauge

  • Rare Interchangeable Sprayer Head Rega Bug Sprayer

    Rare, Vintage Rega Bug Sprayer with Interchangeable Sprayer Head Nozzles

  • Vintage Brass, Riga Bug Sprayer

    Vintage Brass, Riga Bug Sprayer With Dark Green Wooden Pump...

  • Vintage brass, extendable sprayer with hose pickup cap

    Vintage Brass sprayer with pump handle and extended wand plus...

  • Vintage timber twin screw clamp

    Rare timber twin screw carpenters clamp...

  • 8 inch Henry Disston & Sons No 5 BackSaw with brass back (Circa 1890’s)

    A rare Keystone Saw Works, Disston 8 inch No 5...

  • 16 inch, Henry Disston and Sons D-8 Panel Handsaw (Circa early 1920’s)

    Vintage early 1900's model of the popular Disston D-8, 16...

  • 16” Henry Disston & Sons D-8 Lightweight (Ship) Pattern (Circa early 30’s)

    The Disston, D-8 Lightweight was a popular saw with men...


  • Vintage Rega Bug Sprayer Tool

    Vintage Rega Bug sprayer tool original condition with light green...