Vintage Javanese Hand-Carved Lotus Flower & Carp Decorative Wall Panel


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Reclaimed from an old Javanese house, this rare and beautifully hand-carved wall/cieling panel is well over 40 years old. It's no reproduction - it's the real deal!

A ‘stepped’ hand-carved panel from the wall/ceiling framework of an old Javanese house, this wonderfully detailed Javanese panel features three large lotus flowers symbolising peace and purity, set against backdrop of swirling, interwoven leaves and vines. 

An interesting detail within this old panel is the two carp swimming amongst the floating lotus leaves on either side of the central flower. 

Surrounding the Indonesian flora and fish relief is a slightly more European-like feature with its semi-round, raised border frame and reverse curved corners which given the region’s colonial history, might suggest some Dutch influence but that’s just a guess.

Either way, reclaimed from an old Javanese building, this intricately hand carved panel is no reproduction piece - un- varnished and in its original carved condition - its the real deal - a wonderful piece of Indonesian decorative art believed to be approx. 60 - 80 years old.     

Almost 124cm long by 28cm high, 4cm thick and weighing 4.5kg, this stunning wooden relief panel with its swirling foliage, vines and blossoms is absolutely gorgeous and would make a stunning centrepiece over a lounge or bedroom setting or pride of place on a feature entrance wall.

Original hand-carved, house timber panels like these are becoming extremely rare and are absolute head-turners in an age of mass reproductions and cheap machined copies.

All images shown are un-retouched and have simply been temporarily mounted on various walls to give you a better idea of the panel’s size and how it might look in your own home.

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