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Vintage round Ogdens tabocco tin. A great retro bookdhelf or counter curio.

Charles Ogden began his tobacco empire in 1860 from a small corner shop in Park Lane Liverpool. Within a couple of years he had established several more branches across the city and by 1890 and soon after opened his first factory.

Ogden was on a winner and additional premises were acquired and by 1890, Ogdens had six factories working night and day in Liverpool top keep up with demand. In 1899 all manufacturing was moved to the one premises in Boundary Lane Liverpool. The Ogden Tobacco Company was by this time one of the largest Tobacco importers and retailers in the country.

Unfortunately Ogden’s success had also made it a prime takeover target for the American Trust Company who were intent on taking over the UK tobacco market having set aside a huge budget for the times of almost £6m to achieve US dominance.

In what was to be later seen as the start of the ‘Tobacco Wars’, James B. Duke, the owner of the American Tobacco Company made an offer of £818,000 to Ogdens which was accepted, despite fierce opposition to the takeover from many shareholders and other UK companies who feared an American monopoly of the tobacco industry was about to commence.

Eventually 17 of the leading British tobacco companies who had united to form the Imperial Tobacco Company successfully challenged the takeover. A settlement was then forced upon the Americans which resulted in both parties agreeing to operate solely in their own countries. As part of that settlement Ogden’s was incorporated into Imperial Tobacco. Ogdens was back in British hands.


70mm diameter x 22mm high